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Farm Gate Pick-Up

😷 (COVID-19 Statement) We have some higher risk people who work here, and we have many customers who we are trying to protect. So the green houses and fields will not be open to the public; we have established a way to order our available seedlings as well as garden preparations which we will deliver to you at a Farm Gate (curbside) pick-up.



Dear Customers,

Thank you so much for your devoted and enthusiastic support of our seedling sales at the Farm-Gate Pickup. Last year, we had 13 weekends of seedling sales with your help. We hope to restart these sales again in May 2021.

Most of the field that once supported our farmers' markets for the last 35 years is now a meadow of wildflowers, and is going through the process of transformation into a Pollinator Pathway nature reserve for local native pollinators. This will be happening over the next two years and will be a wonderful place to stroll the completed; certainly by then the COVID-19 will have begun fade from our memories!

We will also continue our sales  of McEnroe Potting Soil and Compost beginning in May.

We hope to share some of our own bounty with customers in the coming year as our produce becomes available. Check back with us often.

Thank you!

When we begin sales again, we will be using similar procedures as last year:



1. Contact Janelle Beardsley by phone or Text message to (203) 521-2628 Mondays-Saturdays to arrange purchase. All sales will continue to be made as Farm-Gate Pickups. There will be no on-farm direct sales until the public health emergency is lifted

2. Farm Gate Pick-Up! Call us when you arrive and we'll bring your order out to you. (203)908-5516.

3. Please wear a mask when picking up your order.-We will wear one, too!

*Items are subject to being out of stock.

*This is a new process for us, so please bear with us. We are a small farm and we want to be of service to our community's needs.

*If you have any problems please contact us at Your feedback helps make us better!Type your paragraph here.