WELCOME, our farm in the beautiful White Hills section of Shelton, Connecticut. Our farm is a family owned and operated organic farm which has been farmed by the same family for six generations. Our farm is dedicated to providing healthy seedlings, food and beauty to you and your family.

  • When organic certification became available, we were certified in 1991 by the Connecticut Northeast Organic Farmers Association and when the National Organic Program began,  we were certified by Baystate Organic Certifiers. We no longer carry that formal certification, but as a small farm, we continue to operate as a part of  the National Organic Program.
  • Along the scenic Connecticut Route 110 (Leavenworth Road), in the White Hills of Shelton, Connecticut, the farm provides beautiful vistas and a warm feeling. 
  • With on-line and Facebook sales you can purchase our seedlings, garlic, produce, flowers, lavender and other farm products.
  • Through Guy's and Janelle's  Thursday appearances on WPKN (89.5-FM), The Organic Farmstand, and through a variety of programs on and off-farm, we are committed to educating the public and growers of simple gardens to full scale farms in the practices of Organic Farming and sustainable living. It would be our greatest pleasure to serve you.
  •  2021 marks the year that we are formally converting part of are farm to a Pollinator Pathway habitat to aid our native pollinator friends in nature. This will take us a year to transition and a couple more years to complete, so as the nation exits COVID-19, we look forward your visiting our wildflower and pollinator meadow.

lavender CROFT


Lavender Croft is a beautiful addition to the White Hills, turning them purple in June and early July each year. This allows us to offer beautiful fresh cut and dried lavender bunches, dried lavender products and remarkable Lavender Essential Oil as well as Lavender Water.

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Garlic & PRODUCE

Our Mission:

The mission of our family-run farm is to provide, to grow and to produce the healthiest products available on the market. We are dedicated to assist consumers find and understand the pleasures and health benefits of growing and consuming organic products.

GUY'S ECO-GARDEN -  Organic Since 1991


Our Master Gardener, Janelle Beardsley, is well known for her beautiful flower bouquets. She has developed a keen eye and sense of design in over 30 years' of experience growing and working with local varieties of cut and dried flowers. Whether it's mixing with conventional flowers or using exclusively our own farm flowers, she is happy to design for country style weddings and special events. She also takes custom orders for arrangements. Whether for a special day, to beautify your home,  or to make a friend or family member smile, her fresh, locally grown bouquets will surely please. Because they are organic, they will add a lovely touch without introducing synthetic chemicals to your home environment. 

Janelle also grows a wonderful selection of herbs that grow in our region. Fresh bunches are available at the farm, or at your request, while others are dried for her special culinary herb blends.

Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is widely available, the State of Connecticut has eased some business restrictions. We have some higher risk people who work here, and we have many customers who we are trying to protect. So the green houses will not be open to the public. However,  we are pleased to announce that we will be offering all of our sales outdoors and on-farm this year (2021). We ask that all of our customers and visitors practice safe social distancing and when near our sales tables to please wear a face covering. We are continuing to monitor and follow all State guidelines for our farm. Otherwise please feel free to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while at Guy's Eco-Garden.

 “If you do just one thing—make one conscious choice—that can change the world, go organic. Buy organic food....no other single choice you can make to improve the health of your family and the planet will have greater positive repercussions for our future.” ​

― Maria Rodale, Organic Manifesto: How Organic Farming Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World, and Keep Us Safe

The Farm Publick Hours

Grand Spring Re-opening is May 15th

Normal Sales Hours:

Sat: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Other  times by appointment - ​Call ahead (203) 929-3080.

Guy's Eco-Garden, LLC

276 Leavenworth Road (CT 110), Shelton, CT, 06484-1811

​​e-mail: ed.wittkofski@guysecogarden.com

Guy's Vegetable Garden

Master Gardener: Guy Beardsley

Phone: (203) 929-3080

Janelle's Flowera & Herbs

Master Gardener: Janelle Beardsley

Phone: (203) 521-2628

Lavender Croft

Lavender Grower : Edward Wittkofski

Phone: (203) 464-2469